SwiftDesk now integrates with Slack

Get notified of customer emails instantly in your Slack workgroup with the Slack integration for SwiftDesk.
Daniel Baylis
7 Feb 2020

We've been big fans of Slack for years. 

If you haven't heard of it, it's an application for centralizing team communications. It is especially good at the way it can be extended to talk to other applications. 

And for you - this means getting to see what's happening in different apps, and across your team, in one centralized hub.

Now, SwiftDesk integrates with Slack. When key events happen, you can be informed instantly inside a Slack channel.

New customer emails and replies were the two main events we wanted to cover first. Even if you aren't logged in to SwiftDesk, you'll know in an instant when it's time to jump in and help out a customer.

SwiftDesk now integrates with Slack - SwiftDesk Blog

Our integration lets you choose the channel notifications will come in on, and individually select which events you want to know about.

Slack has a free plan to get started and a mobile app. We think it's an excellent companion to SwiftDesk when you want to centralize your notifications across apps, or if you want to be informed of new customer emails while you are on the move.

The Slack integration for SwiftDesk is available now. Like all our features, it's included in our standard plan - no hidden fees or additional charges with SwiftDesk.

We had a fun time building this integration and have to congratulate Slack for the superb documentation and awesome API. 

We're looking forward to building more integrations to expand how SwiftDesk can help you with your customer service workflow. Next in our sights, Shopify!

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