Make it super easy for customers to contact you.

We bake everything into your website so customers can start chat, mail, or search your knowledge base with a single click.
SwiftDesk - Live chat for customer service

Embedded Customer Support.

Embed your customer support directly into your website or web application with a SwiftDesk widget.
Keep visitors on your site
Empower your customers and visitors to search your knowledge base directly through your widget, so they can find detailed answers without leaving your website.
Answer inquiries immediately
Turn on live chat in your widget with a simple switch and provide your customers and visitors with the information they need at the most critical time - while they are on your website.
Be easy to contact
With SwiftDesk widgets, your customers can complete a contact form from no matter where they are on your website. No hunting for your contact page, and no need for you to main contact forms directly.
Save money
Widgets are included in our standard plan. SwiftDesk is one of the most affordable customer support systems on the market.

Extend SwiftDesk into your website.

With SwiftDesk widgets, you can offer knowledge base search, live chat, and contact forms from anywhere on your website by adding a single line of code.

Integrated Customer Support

Embed customer service directly into your website and empower customers to find answers, start live chats, or send you a message. SwiftDesk Portals appear as a subtle button that expands to a small window when clicked.

Start Conversations

Chat with people on your website in real-time to provide support to customers and information to your leads. Your customers can also send you offline messages, which will automatically be created as conversations in SwiftDesk.

Find Answers Instantly

Integrate your knowledge base so customers and find instant answers without contacting you or needing to leave your main website.

Easy One-Time Setup

Just a single line of code added to your website is all you need. Everything else is configured through SwiftDesk. You can be set up in just minutes.

Shared Inbox

Unify conversations across all channels with a single inbox designed for productivity.

Live Chat

Provide support in real-time to your website visitors right where they need it.

Knowledge Bases

Publish great-looking support articles to help your customers find answers.

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