Customer Support Software

Support your customers across all channels from one application

Have conversations with your customers across email, live chat and SMS, from a single, unified inbox. Designed for teams and packed with tools to keep you productive.
Customer Support Software

Simple, powerful help desk software.

Fast to set up. Easy to learn. Turbo-charge your customer support today.

SwiftDesk - Shared Inbox
One inbox for all channels

Multi-channel Conversations

Just one place to go - no matter how customers reach you. Manage conversations through a unified interface packed with tools to keep your team working together efficiently.

  • Email, SMS and web enquiries in one inbox
  • Assign tickets and organize your team
  • Templates and tools for fast, consistent replies
SwiftDesk - Live Chat
Chat with customers live on your site

Live Chat

With just one line of code on your website - you can offer live chat. Engage with your customers in real time, and give them instant answers right while they are assessing your business.

  • Be available for critical purchasing decisions
  • Demonstrate your support
  • Help customers navigate your site
SwiftDesk - Knowledge Bases
Instant answers for your customers

Knowledge Bases

Publish information about your products and services online and your customers can help themselves. SwiftDesk knowledge base sites are simple to create - and easy for your customers to explore.

  • Easily publish and maintain great help content
  • Help customers understand your product and processes
  • Use your own domain name (optional)
SwiftDesk - Widgets
Embed SwiftDesk on your website


Make it super easy for customers to contact you. Embed SwiftDesk straight into your website so customers can start a chat, send a message or search your knowledge base.

  • Easily enabled with a single line of code
  • Make yourself easy to reach
  • Make your knowledge base available through your site


Accelerate your support processes and get back to customers by integrating SwiftDesk with your other favourite software.

Give your customers the best support.

Help your customers faster and increase the productivity of your support team with the SwiftDesk customer support platform.

Save time

Stop wasting time on simple queries! With SwiftDesk, you can organize your information in a knowledge base and empower customers to find instant answers on their own.

Gain visibility

SwiftDesk makes it easy to see who is working on each conversation so you can hop in quickly where you’re needed. Everyone can see what the team is working – with no risk of handling the same query twice.

Capture every opportunity

Give website visitors and customers an even faster way to reach you when it is most critical - while they are on your website and making decisions about your business.

Save money

At just $10 per user/month for our standard plan, SwiftDesk is one of the lowest-priced customer support platforms on the market. We include unlimited brands and knowledge bases for this price. If you need more power, our $20 per user/month premium plan offers additional integrations.

Customer support. Accelerated.

All the tools you need for fast, reliable customer suppport.

Shared Inbox

Unify conversations across all channels with a single inbox designed for productivity.

Live Chat

Provide support in real-time to your website visitors right where they need it.

Knowledge Bases

Publish great-looking support articles to help your customers find answers.

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