Integrate Slack With SwiftDesk

Help customers faster with key notifications sent to Slack.

If you use Slack, our new integration can help you solve customer inquiries even faster.
SwiftDesk will send notifications about key events directly to a Slack workgroup. You'll know instantly when you've heard from a customer.
There's no need to be signed in to SwiftDesk to receive the updates. You can continue using Slack as your central notification hub, and SwiftDesk will let you know as soon as you need to jump in.

Slack and SwiftDesk.

  • Connect each brand in SwiftDesk to its own Slack team.
  • Get notified in Slack when new conversations are created or customers reply.
  • Create multiple brands in SwiftDesk and connect them to different stores.
  • Support customers over email and live chat.
  • Create knowledge bases for your customers to find answers on their own.

Next steps

If you are already using SwiftDesk, check out the Slack and SwiftDesk integration support article to get started.
If you haven't tried SwiftDesk before and could use some help with customer support emails, offering live chat, and publishing knowledge bases to help your customers find answers on their own, we'd love for you to try SwiftDesk for free.

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