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SwiftDesk features all the tools you need to have conversations with your customers across multiple channels, and solve their problems quickly as a professional, likeable brand.

Affordable Customer Support Software

As your business grows and customers start to reach out to you more frequently, and across more channels, you need a customer support solution to help. This is what SwiftDesk is - A customer support application that can help you to manage conversations with your customers over email, live chat, and SMS. All from one place.

With SwiftDesk, you don't need to switch to different applications and devices to answer your customers. Just create an account, configure your integrations, add your team, and you're good to go. We've brought everything together, so you only have one place to go to handle your support inquiries.

What is customer support software exactly?

Customer support software helps capture inquiries from your customers, collaborate as a team to resolve their concerns, send replies out to them, and keep track of their resolution.

If you're handling inquiries from your customers via your website, email, SMS, and live chat, you could use an application like SwiftDesk. We'll bring all those conversations together so you and your team can manage them from one place. You won't need to worry about issuing any other access or remembering to check in different places for new messages - simply log in to SwiftDesk, and everything will be there.

As well as bringing your conversations together and making it easy to see who is working on each conversation, we also add tools to help you reply as swiftly as possible. We have reply templates that will automatically merge in your customer's name, the ability to search your knowledge base and drop in links while composing a reply, and we'll keep you moving across channels and even brands without any downtime changing systems or logins.

There are lots of helpdesks. Why SwiftDesk?

Customers won't know you are using SwiftDesk or even a helpdesk application at all. While your team can benefit from all our tools and features to manage conversations, your responses will still come to them as natural emails, SMSs, and message replies. We won't send them automated robotic messages with ticket numbers or force them to create accounts with us to see and manage your replies. We keep things human while keeping you productive.

We designed SwiftDesk to be able to handle multiple brands easily. If your business is split into more than one brand, or your are supporting multiple businesses - you’ll love SwiftDesk. We let you support unlimited brands at no extra cost. You just pay for the users you need, even if it is only one. We present all your conversations together across brands so you can answer all your inquiries in sequence.

We let you create as many knowledge bases as you like. A knowledge base is a dedicated help website for your business to help your customers understand your products and services. We've done a lot of research to create fast, search engine friendly knowledge bases. All you need to do is create some articles, and you can start helping your customers 24/7.

We are one of the most affordable customer support applications on the market. We think some of our competitors' pricing is outrageous, and it's time for a change. SwiftDesk is just $10 per user per month for most of our features or $20 per user for all our features. That's it: no other tiers or additional costs.

Customer support. Accelerated.

All the tools you need for fast, reliable customer suppport.

Shared Inbox

Unify conversations across all channels with a single inbox designed for productivity.

Live Chat

Provide support in real-time to your website visitors right where they need it.

Knowledge Bases

Publish great-looking support articles to help your customers find answers.

Who is SwiftDesk for?

SwiftDesk can help customer support teams of one - or of thousands.
Small business

Once your business has grown to have multiple people working on customer support, you can really benefit from a customer support software solution. With SwiftDesk, your team will see which conversations each other is working on (or even looking at), and leave internal notes to centralize communication as you work to resolve issues across shifts.

With a knowledge base, you'll increase your web presence with SEO-optimized, branded support articles. You can increase the chances of new customers finding you, help customers find answers to their questions immediately, and reduce your support load all at the same time.

Companies of one

We've been there - and we know it's tough. When you are just starting, or if you prefer a business of one, it can be incredibly demanding on your time. SwiftDesk can help you stay on top of your support, and produce professional knowledge base content just like the bigger brands.

Our live chat system knows when you are online and available, conveniently offering your customers the chance to chat only when you want to. All you need to do is log on to when you are ready to do support.

Really big teams

Before we built SwiftDesk, we created UltimateCSR - A call center management application that attracted over 75,000 users across five years. We supported some of the world's leading brands and biggest customer service teams - including teams of up to 22,000 agents. We know how to scale. We are very experienced in providing scalable, reliable, high-availability systems for critical customer service operations.

And unlike our competitors, our enterprise rates are cheaper per user. Not more expensive. Just get in touch, and you'll be amazed at how fast we partner with you on a support solution, and how much money you can save.

Give your customers the best support.

Help your customers faster and increase the productivity of your support team with the SwiftDesk customer support platform.

Save time

Stop wasting time on simple queries! With SwiftDesk, you can organize your information in a knowledge base and empower customers to find instant answers on their own.

Gain visibility

SwiftDesk makes it easy to see who is working on each conversation so you can hop in quickly where you’re needed. Everyone can see what the team is working – with no risk of handling the same query twice.

Capture every opportunity

Give website visitors and customers an even faster way to reach you when it is most critical - while they are on your website and making decisions about your business.

Save money

At just $10 per user/month for our standard plan, SwiftDesk is one of the lowest-priced customer support platforms on the market. We include unlimited brands and knowledge bases for this price. If you need more power, our $20 per user/month premium plan offers additional integrations.

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