Chat with customers, right on your website.

Your customers are on your website right now. Live chat supports them where it matters - and when it matters most.
SwiftDesk - Live chat for customer service

Live chat software.

Provide your customers and leads with the help they need in real-time, so you never miss an opportunity for your business.
Increase conversations and sales
Help your customers right when it is most critical - while they are on your website, deciding whether to do business with you.
Demonstrate support
Show customers your commitment to customer service while they are first forming an impression of your brand.
Get an edge
Get a critical advantage over your competition by making yourself available to answer questions immediately, making it easy for your customer to make a decision right now.
Save money
SwiftDesk has one standard price - and all our features included. You won’t pay anything extra to start using live chat on our platform.
Convenient to customers
Customers love getting fast answers, especially when it comes to a purchasing decision. With live chat, you can answer their questions as fast as possible.
Build relationships
With real profile pictures and agent names integrated, our live chat solution presents you to your customers as a genuine support team that is eager to help.

Support your customers in real-time.

Chat with your customers directly on your website and answer their questions in minutes - not through email conversations that can take days.

Deployed In Minutes

Integrate live chat with your website with a single line of code. Chat appears within a SwiftDesk widget, an embeddable window you can add to your website so customers can search your knowledge base, leave you a message, or start a live chat.

Available When You Are

SwiftDesk chat makes sure your team is online and ready to chat before it appears as an option to customers. If you are not there, that chat option is hidden until you get back. No frustrated customers and missed chats if you forget to sign out.

Paired With Your Knowledge Base

Live chat appears right next to your connected knowledge base in your SwiftDesk widget - putting your help documentation right at your customer's fingertips, and encouraging them to find an answer instantly before they start a chat.

Multiple Brands

SwiftDesk’s multi-brand support means your team can chat with customers across brands from a single view. There is no need to have multiple tabs or logins, so your team can be fast and stay productive.
A better way to chat with customers.
Easily Deployed
The SwiftDesk widget only takes a single line of code to be added to your website or CMS to deploy. You can make configuration changes in SwiftDesk, so you’ll never need to change the code.
Easily Managed
Each agent can choose whether they want to be available for chat, so you can still use SwiftDesk without accepting chats. Just set your status to available when you are ready to go.
Presence Detection
SwiftDesk relies on real-time presence detection to your agents are online and available to accept chats before the chat option is displayed to your customers, so you never need to worry about customers starting chats when no one is there to answer them.
Missed Chat Handling
If you miss a chat request, it will automatically be converted to an open conversation in your inbox, ready for you to reply as though it was received as an email.
Automatic Log-off
All agents are automatically set to unavailable if a chat request is missed so that the chat feature will go offline and further customers will not be frustrated.
Automated Introductions
A bot introduction process captures customers’ inquiries and details before the chat is presented for agents to answer, ensuring only genuine chat requests appear, and only when the basic details have been established.

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