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Manage your customer emails in a single shared inbox for your team. Work together to deliver the fast, quality support experience your customers deserve.
SwiftDesk - Customer Support Software

Customer support software.

Help your customers faster and increase the productivity of your support team with the SwiftDesk customer support platform.
Save time
Manage email conversations across multiple brands from a single, consolidated view the whole team can access.
Avoid Duplication
Stay organized as a team with task assignment and clear, real-time indicators of who is handling each customer conversation.
Reply Faster
Create your own library of standard replies ready to prepare correct and consistent responses to your customers in seconds.
Stay Focused
Easily understand and manage your customer support workflow with a clear view of remaining open conversations.
Know Your Customers
Understand your customers' history with your business at a glance, so you can reply accurately and appropriately.
Keep History
Keep a history of your customer interactions in a central location open to the whole team.

Deliver fast, effective email support.

Manage your inbound support emails directly from SwiftDesk and take advantage of collaboration and productivity tools to stay on top.

Team Inbox

Reply to customers and leads quickly and accurately with a shared email inbox. Easily manage your inbound emails across multiple brands with collaboration and productivity tools designed for customer support teams.


Prevent duplicate effort by explicitly assigning agents to conversations and making it clear to everyone when a conversation is being worked on.

Multi-brand Support

Support unlimited brands at no extra cost. You'll be able to review conversations across all brands in a single view, or split them out by brand.


Create your own library of response templates so your team can respond quickly, and consistently to customer inquiries.

Seamless Support

Every brand in SwiftDesk will be issued a unique support email address on the domain that you can use to send and receive emails (i.e.,

However, you can also choose to have SwiftDesk send from an email address on your domain (i.e., This completely hides the SwiftDesk name and allows you to maintain your branding seamlessly.

BYO Email Address

Use an email address on your domain to send replies from SwiftDesk, completely maintaining your branding.

DKIM Verification Support

Choose from either a simple email verification process or a more complex DKIM DNS option (advanced users) to beat spam filters and ensure maximum deliverability.
A better way to support your customers.
Multiple Brands
Add multiple brands to SwiftDesk and support them together in a single consolidated inbox. You'll recieve a unique email address for each brand, and can control user access to each brand independently.
Reply Templates
Create your own library of reply templates to cover the most inquiries your team receives. With support for dynamic placeholders, templates automatically inject the correct names and other details when you use them.
Consolidated Inbox
With a single inbox across all brands you are supporting, you can maintain a clear view of your outstanding customer support workfload and stay productive as you move instantly between conversations on different brands.
Internal Notes
Safely store internal notes on a conversation that will never be sent to customers so your team can discuss and add updates to a conversations while you prepare the reply.
User Assignment
Take ownership of a conversation with an assignment system. A single click signals that you are taking the lead on a conversation so the rest of your team can move on to other open conversations.
Custom Email Address
Configure SwiftDesk to send and receive from the external email address you use today, so you can maintain your branding through your support process.

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