Support customers via SMS with SwiftDesk

Provide customer support via SMS using the new SwiftDesk integration with Twilio. Manage enquiries from a single inbox across all your contact channels.
Daniel Baylis
18 Jun 2020

You want to make it easy for your customers to contact you no matter where they are. 

But what happens if they don't have a data plan, or they are in a low-signal area and can't access data or call? Or maybe they are traveling overseas? How can they send you a message easily?

The answer? SMS.

With our latest channel offering, you can receive and reply to text messages directly in SwiftDesk. Text messages appear in your inbox, just like a conversation started via any other channel. 

You have all the same tools available to you to manage the conversation and prepare your reply, like user assignment and reply templates.

SwiftDesk enables you to move seamlessly between customer conversations on any channel. There's nothing different you need to do - your reply will automatically be sent back to the customer as a text message using your configured phone number.

While SMS is an older technology, there are certain use cases where we think supporting customers this way is still relevant.

No Internet Access

Customers without internet access can still reach out to you 24/7 using text messages. SMS gives them the convenience of a chat-style interaction without using the internet.

Low Signal

If the mobile phone reception in the customer's area is poor, they might have trouble calling you, or accessing the internet to send you an email. In this situation, an SMS channel would be the most reliable way to send a message to you.

Traveling Overseas

When out of the country, your customers may face horrendous fees to call you or access the internet on their domestic SIM card. With an SMS channel, they can contact you in the cheapest way possible that still uses their device.

The SwiftDesk SMS channel is supported through integration with Twilio. We chose Twilio as they are a long-established and very reliable provider. They offer great pricing, and they'll even give you a $10 credit to get started if you sign up with this link. By creating an account with them and completing any required regulatory steps, you will be able to obtain an SMS phone number and get started.

Our SMS channel is now available on our premium plan.

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