Faster customer support with SwiftDesk reply templates.

Accelerate your customer response times and stay productive with SwiftDesk reply templates - Our new feature for fast, accurate customer support.
Daniel Baylis
18 Feb 2020

Are you answering the same customer question more than once? Maybe even... a lot!?

SwiftDesk reply templates to the rescue. Get back to customers faster and spend less time replying with prepared email reply templates.

The latest feature in SwiftDesk, reply templates let you create replies to typical questions and emails in advance. When you receive an email with that question, you'll have your reply ready in a couple of clicks - no typing.

And the best part? Our reply templates include dynamic placeholders that will automatically be substituted for actual data when you use them. 

For example, in a reply template, you could have the %customer_first_name% placeholder, but when you use the template, you'll see the customer's name appear their instead.

There's no limit to the number of templates you can create (kind of a theme with us!), and putting them together is easy with the reply editor.

Here's an example of the reply editor in action, showing how fast it is to create a reply ready with placeholders:

Faster customer support with reply templates. - SwiftDesk Blog

Stay Productive

The primary benefit of this feature is to stay productive. It simply takes much less time to prepare a response and get back to a customer. Customers wait less time for a reply. You spend less time replying. Win-win. Nice!

Stay Personal

SwiftDesk reply templates don't automatically send as soon as you select them. They pre-fill the reply area with the template, and all placeholders substituted for the real data. 

You'll still have the opportunity to complete or modify the response before it gets sent - so you are still writing natural, human communication even with the power of templates.

Stay Accurate

While the most straightforward template could be just a standard greeting and signature, you can also use templates to create more complex responses. Templates are perfect when you need to provide a technical or sensitive answer, or where consistency is critical. Do the work once - and then enjoy the productivity many times.

Reply templates are another free inclusion in the SwiftDesk customer service platform. We're adding features rapidly to give you the tools to provide outstanding customer support. If you support customers over email or live chat, or you want to create knowledge bases to share your product and service information online, be sure to sign-up for a free trial of SwiftDesk.

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