Customer Support Software for BPOs.

Provide outstanding customer support and stay productive with SwiftDesk - Highly-scalable customer support software for agents supporting multiple brands.

Fast, efficient, team collaboration.

SwiftDesk gives your agents the tools to provide fast, efficient, email and live chat customer support across multiple brands.

Fast Deployment

SwiftDesk is based in the cloud - so all you need is a browser and an internet connection to get started. Our setup process is entirely automated so that you can have your account up and running in less than a minute.

Whether you are starting a new account, looking to reduce what you pay for customer support software now, or you need new technology to improve your results quickly, you can count on SwiftDesk to be ready as soon as you are.

SwiftDesk - Shared Inbox Software
SwiftDesk - Customer Conversations

Simple User Management

SwiftDesk makes user management easy - so you can get your agents onboarded and productive as quickly as possible.

You can invite new users to SwiftDesk with just an email address. They'll be able to complete their account details when they accept the invite, keeping the account creation workload distributed and fast.

When your agents move on, you can remove their access again with a single click.

Multiple Brands

SwiftDesk supports multiple brands. You can create a brand for every business you are supporting and control user access for each one individually.

When your agents log in, they'll only see the information for the brands you've explicitly granted them access to. SwiftDesk keeps multi-brand support fast and straightforward - eliminating the need for multiple accounts or logins.

SwiftDesk - Live Chat Software
SwiftDesk - Knowledge Base Software

Fixed Price Invoicing

We understand subscription pricing per user isn't always a good fit for BPOs operating at scale - the prices no longer make sense, and the changing number of agents you have each month creates complexity in the purchase process.

To address this, if you have more than 50 users, we'll gladly work out a discounted fixed price for the range of agents that suit your business, and provide invoices.

Easy Setup

Setup your account in just minutes and be processing customer emails in SwiftDesk within the hour.

Easy To Learn

With a minimal, modern user interface and great support and video lesson content, it is easy to learn SwiftDesk.

Reply Templates

Accelerate your process time and responding consistently and correctly with your own library of reply templates that you can apply in seconds.


Connect SwiftDesk with other applications to create faster processes and a smoother workflow.

User Assignment

See when someone is viewing, or assigned to an email or chat in real-time, so your agents don't step on each other's toes or duplicate effort.

Fixed Price

Save money and manage simple, predictable invoices with discounted fixed pricing for your user range for teams of 50 or more.

Conversation History

View complete email and chat threads together in consolidated views for each conversation your customer initiates.

Custom Email Address

Send and receive emails from your own email address seamlessly.

Private Notes

Create privates notes on conversations that are only visible to agents so that you can discuss conversations and replies internally.

Internal Knowlege Bases

Create your own internal instructions and processes for responding to customer inquiries with internal knowledge bases for every brand.

Internal knowledge bases are only accessible by users with access to the brand so that you can securely share information to accelerate your support processes.

SwiftDesk - Knowledge Base Software
SwiftDesk - Live Chat Software

We Know BPOs

SwiftDesk is run by the team that created UltimateCSR - A contact center performance management application that supported 75,000 agents on some of the biggest brands in over 100 contact centers throughout the world.

Through UltimateCSR, we worked with some of the world's largest BPOs from 2013 to 2018. We gained a wealth of experience and insights into effectively delivering scalable business software for the outsourcing industry. Now, we've brought that experience to SwiftDesk.

Shared Inbox

Unify conversations across all channels with a single inbox designed for productivity.

Live Chat

Provide support in real-time to your website visitors right where they need it.

Knowledge Bases

Publish great-looking support articles to help your customers find answers.

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