Integrate Twilio With SwiftDesk

Chat with customers over SMS without leaving SwiftDesk.

With a phone number issued by Twilio, you can now chat with customers over SMS directly from SwiftDesk.
When customers send you an SMS, you'll receive it in SwiftDesk, just like a new conversation on any other channel. You'll be able to access the same tools, such as user assignment, and template replies, to quickly assign and respond to your customer's message.
You can offer your customers another way to reach you, without any additional software, training or, processes on your end. Your team can reply to the SMS like any other conversation, and SwiftDesk will automatically send the reply to the customer using the correct channel and format.

Twilio and SwiftDesk.

  • Receive SMS sent to Twilio directly in SwiftDesk.
  • Manage SMS conversations like any other, with user assignment and template replies.
  • Offer customers another way to reach you without additional processes or software.
  • Support customers over SMS, live chat and email.
  • Create knowledge bases for your customers to find answers on their own.

Next steps

If you are already using SwiftDesk, check out the Twilio and SwiftDesk integration support article to get started.
If you haven't tried SwiftDesk before and would like to better manage conversations with your customers over email, SMS and Live Chat, we'd love for you to try SwiftDesk for free.

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