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Shared Inbox

Create amazing customer experiences with collaboration tools for email support.

Inboxes For Teams

Redirect your support emails to SwiftDesk and take advantage of the team collaboration, productivity, and reporting tools to deliver excellent customer service.

Reply In SwiftDesk

Reply to emails directly in SwiftDesk and maintain a complete history of your customer interactions in a central location the whole team can access.

Internal Notes

Add notes to conversations that only agents can see, allowing you to capture additional information and keep everyone up to speed on your progress before replying.

Also Viewing

See when other agents are viewing a conversation to prevent duplicate effort.

Collision Detection

Explicitly take ownership of conversations through the assignment system and signal to other agents when a conversation is already being worked on.

Multiple Brands

Create multiple brands and view conversations with customers in a single consolidated view. Brands are clearly identified in each conversation, and the matching email address for the brand is used when you reply.

Minimal Interface

SwiftDesk automatically hides email signatures and 'reply with history' quotations, so you only see the part of the email that matters - keeping you focused and fast.

Reply Templates

Save time and ensure consistency through reply templates. Create your own library of templates with dynamic placeholders and respond to common questions in seconds.

Reply Formatting

Choose from a wide range of formatting options to create HTML email replies.

Conversation History

Quickly access the history of conversations across your team and for a specific customer. A central location for all your interactions ensures the whole team can see the history, and you won't lose replies in one person's sent box.

Customer Profiles

View profile pages for your customers, including key information and a history of their previous conversations with you for easy navigation.

Automatic Re-opening

Closed conversations are automatically re-opened if the customer replies again within a specific time that you can configure. This ensures you have an accurate understanding of when a conversation has been completed, and all the history at your fingertips if one is re-opened.

Unique Email Address

Every brand in SwiftDesk is automatically issued its own email address on the domain. For example, This gives you a great looking support address that includes your brand name, without the cost or complexity of maintaining any other address.

Custom Email Addresses

Send emails from SwiftDesk using your own external address (i.e., with just a simple configuration and a verification process.

DKIM Verification

Optionally choose to use DKIM verification when sending emails from your own address to help you beat spam filters and ensure maximum email deliverability.

Sound & Desktop Notifications

Optional audio and desktop notifications let you know when a new chat or email has been received, even if SwiftDesk is not in focus on your desktop. Continue with your other tasks and SwiftDesk will let you know when you need to jump back in.

Live Chat

Support customers in real-time with live chat directly in your website or web application.

Easily Deployed

Deploy live chat easily with a single line of code to be added to your website, or added directly to your CMS.

Smart Availability

Your customers will only see the live chat option when you are genuinely logged in and available to chat. No customer frustration due to misrepresented chat availability.

Real-time Messaging

We use web socket technology for the fastest possible connection and exchange of messages between you and your customer.

Chat Restoration

SwiftDesk chats can be instantly restored when the customer changes pages on your website, or even if they leave your website altogether and return later. Chats are never lost due to a page refresh or connection loss.

Agent Availability

Set your individual chat availability so you can use SwiftDesk without necessarily activating the live chat option on your site.

Consolidated History

Convert chats to conversations when they are completed so you can view them together with conversations you have had with your customer over other channels.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifiations, including optional audio notifications, when new chat requests are received from customers, even if SwiftDesk is running in the background.

Missed Chat Handling

If chat requests from customers go unanswered, SwiftDesk will apologise and automatically create an open conversation in your inbox for you to reply to the customer later by email.

Auto Log-out

Users are automatically logged out of chat if they fail to respond to a chat request, putting the chat feature offline and ensuring additional customers will not experience the same frustration.

Knowledge Bases

Create great-looking, fast, and easily searched knowledge bases.

Unique Branded URLs

Every knowledge base running on SwiftDesk has its own unique subdomain. i.e., so you can access your site from have a unique URL that includes your brand name.

Custom Domain Names

Optionally choose to use your own domain name to access your knowledge base instead of the default subdomain at

Public Knowledge Bases

Create publicly accessible knowledge bases that everyone can access. Simply share the link with your customers and add it to your website to direct them to your product and service information.

Internal Knowledge Bases

Optionally lock down your knowledge base to internal users you have authorized on a specific brand. Distribute your internal product, procedure, and policy information securely and control who has access.

Unlimited Knowledge Bases

Create as many knowledge bases as you like — including multiple knowledge bases on a single brand - without anything extra to pay.

Unlimited Articles

Create as many articles as you like within each knowledge base.

Custom Color

Select a custom theme color to be used throughout your knowledge base to highlight key information such as links and buttons.

Custom Logo

Upload a custom logo to appear at the top of your knowledge base.

Custom Favicon

Upload a custom favicon for your knowledge base site. Use the highest resolution you have available, and SwiftDesk will automatically take care of creating versions in the resolution and formats needed for the most common devices.

Custom Background Image

Upload a custom background image to appear across the home page of your knowledge base to help reinforce your brand.

Custom Social Sharing Image

Upload a custom image to be used when your articles are shared on social media.


Create categories within your knowledge base to organize your articles.

Category Order

Drag and drop categories into your desired order to control the way they appear in your knowledge base.

Article Order

Drag and drop articles within the category editor to ensure they are presented in a meaningful order within each category.

Formatting Options

Choose from a wide range of formatting options for your articles.

Inline Images

Upload attachments to your articles and easily drag and drop images into the text editor to make them appear inline.

Automatic Image Optimization

Uploaded images are automatically resized and optimized for distribution over the web, saving you the time of manually adjusting images to keep your site fast.

Activity Analysis

See the volume of articles people have viewed and which articles are the most popular with real-time dashboards.

Search Analysis

Understand what customers are searching for and which search terms they are using that are not yielding results. Use this analysis to find ways to expand and optimize your knowledge base, or maybe even your product or service.

Content Analysis

Check how many articles you are making available in your knowledge base over time, helping ensure you are expanding your content when relevant.

SEO Fields

Complete additional fields to describe your article, and SwiftDesk will automatically create meta tags and JSON+LD structured data to ensure your articles are SEO-friendly and can be understood by Google and other search engines.

Machine Learning Search

SwiftDesk analyzes how search terms match the selected article to learn and improve its suggestions for the future.

Real-Time Search

SwiftDesk provides article suggestions in real-time as you type in the search box — ensuring you can find the article you need as fast as possible.

Twitter Sharing Tags

When you have a Twitter account for your brand, you can associate it with your knowledge base, and SwiftDesk will generate additional meta tags on your pages to optimize them for sharing on Twitter.


Help customers search your knowledge base and contact you with embedded widgets.

Embedded Knowledge Base

Connect a knowledge base to your widgets so customers and visitors can search your knowledge base articles directly from your website or web application.

Optional Live Chat

Choose to enable a live chat option within your widget so customers can reach out to you in and real-time.

Make Changes Instantly

You make changes to the configuration of your widget at any time to have them instantly reflected. You'll never need to change the embed code when you change configuration.

Contact Form

Provide a contact form through your widget so your customers can send you a message no matter where they are in your website - no need to hunt down your contact us page.

Start Conversations

Submissions through the contact form and unanswered chat requests are automatically turned into conversations and added to your inbox, making it fast to respond to them together with your other inbound email.

Customizable Widget

Customize the theme color of your widget to suit your brand, so it looks great embedded in your site.


SwiftDesk integrations work with your favorite apps for a seamless workflow.


Get notified of key SwiftDesk events in a Slack channel, so your team will know when something needs their attention even if they aren't signed in.


Know who your customers are, and what they've ordered from your Shopify store, all without leaving SwiftDesk.

Google Analytics

Take advantage of Google Analytics' advanced usage analysis tools by integrating it with your knowledge bases.


Upgrade your customer experience with dedicated customer support software.

Unlimited Brands

Create unlimited brands to support different products and businesses. Manage all your knowledge bases, live chats and customer email inquiries together in a single platform.

User Access By Brand

Control which agents have access to each of your brands so that they can only access the internal knowledge bases and work on customer conversations that are relevant to them.

Timezone Support

See all times and dates in SwiftDesk based on your selected timezone preference.

User Invitations

Invite additional users just by adding their email address. No central user administration work to do.

Mobile Ready

SwiftDesk is designed to work on any device, with its appearance and layout automatically updating to suit the available screen size.


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