SwiftDesk screenshots

Want to see what SwiftDesk looks like? Here's some of the latest screenshots from the SwiftDesk customer support platform.
Daniel Baylis
25 Jan 2020

It can be hard to find screenshots right? You are considering an application - but you want to see what it looks like and get a feel for it before signing-up. We feel you. Here are some of the latest screenshots from the SwiftDesk customer support platform.

Shared Inbox

SwiftDesk's shared inbox feature brings all your emails across brands together into a single consolidated view your whole team can access.

The inbox shows who is assigned to emails, or even who is viewing them right now, so everyone is clear on which emails already being worked and which still need to be attended to. All views update in real-time, so you'll see new emails appear as soon as they received - no need to manually refresh or wait for timed refreshes.

By default, emails across all your brands are shown together. This gives you clear visibility into all the emails outstanding, and let's you work on them sequentially regardless of the brand. However, you can still engage filters to work only on a specific brand or combination of brands if you prefer.

SwiftDesk screenshots - SwiftDesk Blog


New emails received in SwiftDesk automatically create conversations. Conversations show all the emails in the thread together in a nice clean view. Formatting, and email signatures are stripped, and attachments are neatly removed and listed separately to the email, leaving you with a clean and tidy interface that feels like a chat conversation.

After live chat interactions are completed, they'll also be converted to conversations so you can view them in this format in the future.

SwiftDesk screenshots - SwiftDesk Blog


SwiftDesk portals are widgets you can embed on your website that give your visitors access to SwiftDesk tools. They can search your knowledge base without leaving your site, start a live chat conversation with you, or send you a message.

SwiftDesk screenshots - SwiftDesk Blog

Live Chat

Recently we released a live chat feature. Live chat enables visitors on your website to start a new live chat conversation with you when you are online and available.

In this screenshot, we see the basic bot introduction process on a new chat. In SwiftDesk, a simple bot captures the customer's main inquiry and basic details, so you'll have this information ready to go when the chat request appears in the application.

Uplook Screenshots - Uplook Blog

Here's what it looks like to answer live chat conversations in the SwiftDesk application. SwiftDesk uses fast, real-time screen updating so you can see all the open chats updating and instantly switch between them.

Uplook Screenshots - Uplook Blog

Knowledge bases

In SwiftDesk, you can create help sites to publish detailed information about your products and services. We call these sites knowledge bases.

Unlike most customer service platforms, SwiftDesk lets you create unlimited brands and unlimited knowledge bases for the same low price.

Here's a shot of the SwiftDesk support page, which of course, is running on SwiftDesk itself.

SwiftDesk screenshots - SwiftDesk Blog

SwiftDesk knowledge base articles are simple and fast to navigate. Here's an example of the article layout. It shows the easy navigation of your full knowledge base on the left, and automatically generated navigation for within an article on the right.

Uplook Screenshots - Uplook Blog

Want to see more?

That's all the screenshots we have for today! If you are providing customer support by email or chat, or you want to deflect some inbound inquiries with knowledge base sites that your customers can browse any time, check out the SwiftDesk free trial.

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