SwiftDesk now integrates with Shopify

Provide faster support to your customers with synchronized contact information and recent Shopify order history available directly in your SwiftDesk help desk.
Daniel Baylis
17 Feb 2020

Keep your customer information synchronized, and your view recent orders directly from your help desk software - The Shopify integration for SwiftDesk is here!

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for creating online stores. With our new integration, we'll automatically match customers contacting you for support with customers you have already created in Shopify.

You'll be able to view the recent orders as soon as you open a conversation in SwiftDesk, and launch them in Shopify in a single click. There's no need to hunt around for the order in Shopify, saving you valuable time, and delighting your customers as you get back to them faster.

We'll also keep your SwiftDesk customer data updated as you make changes in Shopify. As soon as you create or update a customer in Shopify, we'll do the same in SwiftDesk, so you'll already know who they are when they contact you over email or live chat.

SwiftDesk is ideal to stay on top of your interactions with your customers and quickly resolve their inquiries. Our Shopify integration brings all your information together, so you have a complete view of your customers in one place.

Like all our features, the Shopify integration comes free with our standard plan. No need to upgrade your plan or pay anything extra to turn it on - even if you want to support multiple brands and multiple stores.

If you use Shopify and get a lot of customer emails that you want to keep track of and respond to faster, you might like to try SwiftDesk free for 30-days.

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