The latest SwiftDesk customer support features

We've been busy at SwiftDesk creating lots of great features to help you provide fast, consistent customer service to your customers. Here's what is new.
Daniel Baylis
8 Jun 2021

We've been busy at SwiftDesk creating lots of great features. We keep a summary of everything we've released here in our release notes, but we wanted to blog some of the best features we've added lately. 

New Home Dashboard

We've given the home dashboard a significant overhaul. This dashboard now provides a much better snapshot of what is happening in your team.

You can now see who else in your team is online and whether they have live chat support enabled. Our online detection tracks whether each team member is connected to SwiftDesk right now, not just if they have logged on recently. So it acts as a real-time view of exactly who is on with you and which brands they are supporting.

We've also added a live chart of your completed conversations, making it easy to keep an eye on the volume of the excellent support you have provided!

Automatic User Assignment

We've simplified user assignment by automatically assigning a user if they start replying to a conversation. Automatic assignment saves needing to remember to do it manually and ensures the whole team knows as soon as someone starts replying to a customer.

Assignment Resets

Conversation assignment now applies to open conversations only, and SwiftDesk removes assignments when conversations are closed. If the customer replies and the conversation is automatically re-opened, it will now appear unassigned and ready for someone in the team to pick up.

Quick Send

We've added a nice keybinding so you can send your reply or add a note without having to click the send button manually. You can now reply to a conversation and move to the next one without touching your mouse at all if you prefer keyboard shortcuts.

Large Email Support

SwiftDesk now supports outbound emails greater than the previous 10MB limit using linked attachments. 

With this feature, we'll automatically insert links to download attachments into the email instead of embedding the attachments themselves if the email would have exceeded the 10MB limit that most mail servers apply.

Linked attachments ensure your large emails make it through to your customers and don't fill up their inbox with excessive size. When they are ready, they'll be able to click the unique, unguessable links to download the attachments.

Simplified Administration

As our range of options and features has increased, the admin and settings sections of SwiftDesk were getting a little bulky. So we took a step back and rebuilt it from scratch. 

The new, simplified admin feature makes it much easier to explore your settings and make changes.

Accelerated Search

We've rebuilt our conversation search system from the ground up with a completely new approach. SwiftDesk search is now dramatically faster to find conversations you are looking for. Even customers with 100,000 conversations can perform searches in just a few milliseconds.

If you are interested in all the changes we've made and want to keep up to date with the latest, we encourage you to follow our release notes article in your knowledge base.

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