Creating conversations with the SwiftDesk API

With the new SwiftDesk API you can create conversations directly from your own website or application, making it easy to use SwiftDesk with your own forms.
Daniel Baylis
9 Jun 2020

Today we've released a SwiftDesk API for creating customer conversations programmatically.

If you are not familiar with the term, an API can be used for two applications to talk to each other directly. This allows an application (like your website) to do something automatically in another application (SwiftDesk) without a user needing to be involved.

Specifically, this means you can use your own forms (or any event) on your website or web application to create a conversation in SwiftDesk. All it takes is just a few lines of server-side code to connect to the API and post the information.

Although Widgets can be used to embed live chat, knowledge base search, and a contact form on all pages of your website, we understand that sometimes there is still a need to create traditional on-page forms where you have complete control over the design. This is where the API comes in.

After your forms are submitted to your web server, it only takes a few lines of code to hit the API and create a conversation. You can maintain control over the look and feel of forms on your website, but still have the power of SwiftDesk to handle and process all the submissions.

We've added a traditional contact form to our 4thPortal site as an example of the API in action.

We've included all the details in the API support documentation, including an example of creating a conversation with PHP and Guzzle.

We plan to expand our API to offer additional options over time, but we wanted to focus on this critical and highly requested endpoint to get started.

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