Integrate Facebook with SwiftDesk

Chat with customers over Messenger without leaving SwiftDesk.
When you integrate your Facebook page with SwiftDesk, you can manage your Messenger conversations without changing applications or websites.
When customers send a message to your Facebook page, you'll receive it as a new conversation in SwiftDesk - just like a conversation on any other channel. You'll be able to access all the same tools to help with your reply, like user assignment, internal notes and templates.
Consolidate all your communication channels and receive and reply to conversations in one place, no matter whether the customer has contacted you via web form, email, live chat, SMS, or Facebook.

Facebook and SwiftDesk.

  • Manage Facebook Messenger conversations for your pages directly in SwiftDesk.
  • Apply SwiftDesk tools to your messages like user assignment and template replies.
  • Offer customers another way to reach you without additional processes or software.
  • Support customers over SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and email.
  • Create knowledge bases for your customers to find answers on their own.

Next steps

If you are already using SwiftDesk, check out the Facebook and SwiftDesk integration support article to get started.
If you haven't tried SwiftDesk before and would like to better manage conversations with your customers over email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat, we'd love for you to try SwiftDesk for free.

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