Integrate Facebook With SwiftDesk

Engage in discussions on your posts and manage Messenger conversations without leaving SwiftDesk.

With our Facebook integration, you can respond to discussions on your posts and manage Messenger conversations without leaving SwiftDesk. Your team can quickly and efficiently manage customer contacts over this channel without changing applications.

Manage Facebook Comments

Comments are an excellent place for customers to support your product or ask further questions about your offering. Unfortunately, they can also be a place for nasty competitors or other detractors to spread negativity.
If left unmanaged, your investment in Facebook posts could just be creating a forum for unwanted messaging about your brand.
With SwiftDesk, you can both monitor and manage those conversations - Showing customers and detractors that you are listening and ready to respond.
When people comment on your posts, SwiftDesk intelligently splits them into separate conversations for each person. Your team can quickly review discussions and manage where replies back to each person are needed without ever needing to check Facebook directly.
SwiftDesk represents Facebook post conversations just like any other channel. Your agents can stay in the same familiar inbox without needing to switch applications and contexts to reply. They'll have tools like user assignment and templates at their fingertips to ensure the customer gets a quick, helpful reply to their comment.
Your agents don't need direct access to the Facebook page to use the feature. You can avoid the historical inconvenience and risk of adding people as Facebook page admins to manage this channel.

Facebook Messenger

When customers send a message to your Facebook page, you'll receive it as a new conversation in SwiftDesk - just like a conversation on any other channel. You'll be able to access all the same tools to help with your reply, like user assignment, internal notes, and templates.
Consolidate all your communication channels. Receive messages and reply to conversations in one place, no matter whether the customer has contacted you via web form, email, live chat, SMS, or Facebook.

Facebook and SwiftDesk.

  • Manage Facebook Messenger conversations for your pages directly in SwiftDesk.
  • Manage Facebook post comments in separate conversations for each person.
  • Apply SwiftDesk tools like user assignment and templates to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Show customers that you are listening and respond to negative comments quickly.
  • Avoid the risk and inconvenience of giving your agents direct access to your Facebook page.
  • Offer customers another way to reach you without additional processes or software.
  • Support customers over email, SMS, live chat, Facebook and email.

Next steps

If you are already using SwiftDesk, check out the Facebook and SwiftDesk integration support article to get started.
If you haven't tried SwiftDesk before and would like to better manage conversations with your customers over email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat, we'd love for you to try SwiftDesk for free.

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